Town surrounding the seat of House Warlott at Castle Warlott.
The town is nestled in a hilly region of The Rills.
There is a small trade road passing through the town.
The town represents the majority of the population within House Warlott’s lands.

The heart of the Warlott domain is the town of Reddington. It takes it’s name from the red colour of the soil, the result of iron-oxides in the nearby hills. Reddington is the largest settlement for leagues around and sitting on a decent road, the town serves as the trading centre not only for the Warlott lands but also for several of their neighbours. The locals have a saying “if it can’t be got at Reddington, it can’t be got in the North,” though to some that isn’t saying much.

The lands around Reddington are well maintained and contains the bulk of the farms and population of the Warlott holdings.

The actual seat of Warlott power is the castle perched above the town of Reddington. It was once larger but what remains is still strong and eminently defensible, if not exactly comfortable.


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