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House Warlott is an old House of the North. Established in the Age of Heroes the House has seen much growth, glory, and turmoil over the centuries.

The seat of House Warlott is Castle Warlott located overlooking the town of Reddington

The heart of the Warlott domain is the town of Reddington. It takes it’s name from the red colour of the soil, the result of iron-oxides in the nearby hills. Reddington is the largest settlement for leagues around and sitting on a decent road, the town serves as the trading centre not only for the Warlott lands but also for several of their neighbours. The locals have a saying “if it can’t be got at Reddington, it can’t be got in the North,” though to some that isn’t saying much.

The lands around Reddington are well maintained and contains the bulk of the farms and population of the Warlott holdings.

The actual seat of Warlott power is the castle perched above the town of Reddington. It was once larger but what remains is still strong and eminently defensible, if not exactly comfortable.

Nettle Valley

Further inland lies Nettle Valley. The farming there is reasonably good, but the reason it’s the other population centre, small as it is, is that the only reasonable route there passes below the watchful towers of Castle XXX. Thus, it has been safe from the depredations of invaders over the years.

The Backcountry

House Warlott claims domain over a vast swathe of country – coastlines and forests, hills and mountain, plain and river – but all of it is very sparsely settled. While it rarely generates any income it does, occasionally produce a bit of trouble. People do live in the back country, farming or herding, producing a bit of wool or honey or fur, but little taxes are gathered and the Warlotts do not habitually excercise their power in the Backcountry.

Occasionally the homesteaders will come to Reddington to appeal for arbitration in a dispute, though they are just as likely to settle it amongst themselves. Similarly, parts of the Backcountry may ask for aid against raiders, should they come, but are just as likely to simply lie low and hope for the enemies to pass.

It is not uncommon for someone faced with scandal or otherwise in need of a new start, to head into the backcountry and try to set up a homestead. Some return, some die, but a few survive hanging on in what is essentially lawless wilderness.

The Strand

The Strand was once well developed, being essentially a rocky beach by an excellent natural harbour with good fishing in the nearby waters. In addition, the geography means that anyone arriving by boat on the way to Reddington has to pass through the Strand. This has naturally made the Strand a focal point for Iron Men raids over the years, and it has been the site of many battles. Presently, the Strand is no more developed than any of the backcountry, but should House Warlott try to expand its area of effective control, the Strand would be an obvious choice.


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