Winds of the North

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The story so far……………..

Recent years have not been kind to the Targaryen royal family; The Tragedy of Summerhall cost them King Aegon V, his heir Prince Duncan, and the Lord Commander of the Kingsguard Ser Duncan the Tall. Jaehaerys II only lived a few short years as King after the passing of his father. Aerys was crowned at the age of 19 in 262AL.

Nor have recent years been kind to houses sworn to House Rhyswell in the North. House Burrick lost their Lord as a result of a sudden storm during a false spring. House Warlott‘s main branch was lopped off while responding to a raid of Ironmen. Donnelin Warlott rashly decided to meet the raider’s incursion at the fore of his troops. Nerris Warlott, only trueborn son and heir of Donnelin Warlott, fell during the same battle. The cadet branch, led by Tamaril Warlott has now succeeded to lead the family……………….



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