Winds of the North

The story begins

Tamaril Warlott, steward to Lord Donnelin Warlott, has had leadership abruptly thrust upon him. His brother died as a result of greivous wounds taken while repulsing an Ironborn raid. Nerris Warlott, heir to Lord Donnelin, predeceased his father on the field of battle. The ironborn raid was a pyrric victory indeed. Although Tamaril is a skilled healer he was unable to reach his brother’s side in time to rekindle the spark of life within him.

Grief, duty, and new obligations now rest upon Tamaril’s age-wasted shoulders like lodestones. His first order is to recall his two trueborn sons Merrick and Gerith from the Southlands. Further, Tamaril requests his son bring the outlander priest about whom he wrote with him. Taenesh, having mostly worn out his welcome in Siverhill agrees to travel to Castle Warlott for an interview with the Lord. The second order of business is to wait to inter his brother and nephew until his sons’ return.

A number of weeks pass before Merrick and Taenesh arrive at Castle Warlott and are greeted by Tamaril, Lord Warlott. Greetings and introductions are made. Merrick begins to reacquaint himself with the members of the Household.

Lord Warlott interviews the Tyroshi priest on the spot. Taenesh demonstrates some evident skill in architecture and is, for the moment, made welcome. He is offered bread and salt at the homecoming feast for the new heir, young Lord Merrick.

Word is send by raven to neighbouring Lords that the interment ceremony will be held in 7 days’ time. The local Lords begin to arrive as their proximity dictates. Notably absent, though, is Lord Macon Rhyswell; instead his son, and heir, Rodrik attends. Lord Dunsor Burrock attends as well, clothed in grief and determination in equal parts.

During the welcome feast held the night before the interment ceremony Merrick strikes up a conversation with Rodrik Rhyswell in a desire to improve the Rhyswell heir’s impression of him. A brief conversation follows wherein each man attempts to influence the other. The new Lord Warlott joins in after a few minutes discourse. However, his entry into the contest doesn’t prevent Rodrik from suceesfully influencing Merrick. Lord Warlott retires for the night almost immediately thereafter. Merrick is left with a generally good impression of Rodrik Rhyswell.

Taenesh likewise strikes up a conversation with Rodrik Rhyswell. They speak of trivial matters and but after a few moments Taenesh is convinced that Rodrik is a decent and ernest fellow; he leaves the exchange favourably disposed towards Macon Rhyswell’s heir.

On the morn the funeral attendants huddle in the mean Godswood. Lord Warlott delivers a rambling, sometimes incoherent, eulogy for his departed brother and nephew while standing in front of the solitary weirwood in Reddington.

Following the service the attendants repair to the keep for a solemn meal. Rodrik Rhyswell makes his farewells to Tamaril Warlott and family. Additionally, he extends an “invitation” for Lord Tamaril to attend his Lord Father, Macon Rhyswell. Tamaril makes a noncommittal agreement to do so when possible.

Later that evening a smallfolk rider demands audience with the Lord. The exhausted man reports an attack by Ironborn raiders on The Strand.

Lord Tamaril dispatches the Master of Horse, along with a few men, to scout The Strand and return with the enemy disposition. He sets off immediately to the West.

Lord Warlott and his son begin their preparations to deal with the Ironmen………………………..



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